Pull up a seat


At first glance, BLDG 5 is exactly what it claims to be. The fifth building on a quiet property, nestled beneath the Perkins Road Overpass. Pay us a visit, however, and you’ll quickly learn that it is so much more than a building. Inside its walls lie a continuous story, with beginnings that predate our restaurant’s existence.

Our front façade, interior reclaimed walls and protected outdoor greenery have remained untouched to create a space where the past intermingles with nature and welcomes rustic details. Thoughtfully designed spaces—including a bar patio with accordion doors that let the fresh air in, a vibrant market full of treasures, a private dining room, an outdoor deck under beautiful trees and twinkly lights, and the “High 5” rooftop bar which offers unique views of the artsy and eclectic Baton Rouge community —create a combined sense of openness and intimacy.


Beyond the environment, each piece housed in every nook and cranny also possesses a story of its own. The worn brown leather chairs from the 1930s; long tables that have made the trek from German beer gardens; the cast-iron railing from a Tennessee antiques yard; leather samples saved from the furniture store that owners Misti and Brumby once operated; a metal barn door track from Misti’s father’s barn. Not to mention each and every fork, spoon and knife, which was hand-selected from a variety of estate sales, antique stores and vintage shows over the years.

Marrying old world charm with modern touches, the work of local artists and builders are featured throughout the space, humbly displaying the spirit of Baton Rouge’s creative community. Like the floor mural, wall textures and signage by TJ Black, the table handcrafted from salvaged wood and art installations over the bar by Benjamin Bullins, and many more.


See these pieces in our space


Every aspect of BLDG 5 was drawn from the imagination and experience of owners Brumby and Misti Broussard, whose goal is to transport guests without losing the comfort of home. The careers, passions and interests of Misti, originally from Corpus Christi, and Brumby, who grew up in New Iberia, have brought them to visit and reside in a number of places across the country. Each stop along the way has inspired who they are and what they envision BLDG 5 to embody.

In fact, their meet cute actually took place on the Hollywood set of America’s Sweethearts, where Misti worked in production and Brumby served as Julia Roberts’ personal assistant. They instantly connected over their southern roots and their desire to move back one day to raise a family. Leading up to their Capital City voyage, the two owned an upscale, modern furniture store and art and design gallery in San Diego that boasted one-of-a-kind pieces. It was in this very space that Brumby, who graduated from the Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana, first began to tap into not only his love of cooking, but also the effect of sharing it with others. They quickly realized why the kitchen is the heart of every home and saw the importance of bringing that sense of hospitality with them into future endeavors.

“We believe the love and passion that goes into our food and atmosphere were meant to be shared. Let us set the table for you to share your own stories with loved ones over a warm meal and crafted cocktails; and to create new memories that will be shared in the years to come.”
– Brumby & Misti Broussard, BLDG 5 founders